“I think something similar to this should be part of every, not just breast cancer, every cancer patient’s healing because this heals your spirit and your soul. Your body, the doctors can look after that, but you need more than that ’cause really the thing that is the most damaged is your spirit and your soul.”

“We’ve lost a lot of stuff and I think the teachings that she is giving us can help us to deal with that loss.”

Class 3 Pt 2 OM cropped

“Outside of the actually physical practice, on a social basis, on a personal basis, in relationships, I hear in my head what we learned in this room. And it will stay with me forever. So specifically, even though it was such a physical thing, for me it has been a spiritual journey.”

“I find I’m kinder to myself. I’ve always had that voice going on in my head – you should do this, you should be that – and I find that since I started this practice that I am much kinder to myself. Much more gentle.”

Class 14 Pt 1 Jarry demonstrates pose as they do series cropped

“At the Tuesday night class, I have arthritis in my lower spine, and I went to bed and I noticed I wasn’t hurting very much. When I woke up in the morning, I wasn’t hurting. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t take anything: any pills or anything.”

“It’s something else. Yeah, I’m amazed at how strong, how much stronger I am. How much all of us are. It’s incredible.”


“What I find is that as a result of doing this study, I know believe in my ability to do things where I didn’t before. And I can, it’s almost like every class, something shifted inside of me and its like every move we learned, every pose we learned, it was part of integrating that belief in myself.”

“I have fire in me that I didn’t have before. I do. It’s like I’m peaceful, I’m very peaceful, but I have, there’s this fire in me… my husband notices it. It’s like this brought me back to life.”