In this study, you will be progressively instructed in just over one half of the primary series. The primary series are a set of poses, practiced in consistent and invariable order, meant to be an introduction to Ashtanga yoga.

Each week, we will add new poses to the ones that we have already practiced in the previous classes. This way, you will receive comprehensive and progressive instructions, allowing for a safe transition into more difficult poses. You will receive a lot of technical training and feedback so that you learn the poses correctly.

The classes will be of an interactive nature and there will be plenty of opportunity for discussion. Modifications will be taught in order to practice safely and accommodate all levels. The classes will be filmed and reviewed by our data analyst, Kendall Sousie, and the modifications will be put into a formal manual.

In addition to attending the classes, three surveys will be sent out for your completion.  Autonomic nervous system testing at the University of Windsor will be done before and after the study.  Echo cardiogram testing will be performed at the Windsor Regional Hospital before and after the study.  If your last echo cardiogram was within the last six months, this will be used as your initial testing.

Click here for a message from an experienced Ashtangi and breast cancer survivor.

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